Why do you call yourselves a therapeutic pottery company?

Over the years I have seen how art can make such a significant impact on the life of another person. It can change their mental attitude in an instant and give people another outlet to voice their thoughts, concerns, happiness, and fears.

Then many years later, I was introduced to people all over that were crippled by the disease of arthritis, especially in the hands, making some almost paralyzed and feeling useless.

Armed with this knowledge, we decided to create a comprehensive program where an individual could work their body (our specific arthritis hand program) and their mind (manipulating clay and creative painting), thus working the fine motor skills, so that it will produce productive therapy.

Why do this?

We do this to help people, in the word “Hope” we feel that we can be defined. We bring hope to people who struggle physically and mentally and hope to people who often feel hopeless and forgotten. We are blessed to do what we do and want to continue to touch as many lives as we possibly can.

Who do you do this program with?

We work with adults, ages 18 and above. Adults that have arthritis but also adults who do not, we work with Alzheimer’s, Dementia as well as individuals who are blind, those who have Autism, Down Syndrome, those with special needs as well as those who do not have any physical handicaps but just want to have fun working with clay creating a beautiful piece of pottery.

How long is the program?

The teacher directed program lasts about an hour in length and the participants leave with a completed piece of beautiful pottery.

Do you bring the supplies?

 Yes, we bring all the supplies, even a table cloth to cover the tables when we work. The only thing we ask you to provide is the vinyl nursing gloves so that the participants’ hands do not get messy.

What do they use this pottery for?

 Most keep for themselves as a keepsake, some give to their children and grandchildren and some have donated their creation for raising money to a charitable organization.

What is the cost?

 Please contact the office at 201-800-5346 for all details.

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